Saturday, June 28, 2008


Uni life begins tomorrow. Finally.
So I may not be around here as much as I want to.
But anyways, I'm glad to have been here all this while :)
So many thanks to each one of YOU for keeping me here (or away)!
...until the next post,

Goodbye everyone!


Friday, June 20, 2008


Sigh. Nothing is going right at home, I’m bored, no responsibilities, can’t even motivate myself to get involved with anything or anyone and just feel generally low. Maybe it’s time to replan that whole pre-Kuantan thing. Then again, 9 days seem too short a time for all the troubles eh? Good God, bless the procrastinator in me.

Anyways, here I am, a well known food thief… y’know, the one who sneaks out for some "light snacks" in the dark, particularly at midnight when everyone else is asleep. Or perhaps just a room refrigerator breaker. It’s not like I’m craving or anything *rolls eyes* but I just feel like eating. Lol. Leah thinks I eat a lot, while Dad suggests that perhaps it’s a lot more normal to see me eat that much. I somehow “solve” the problem by coming up with a typical excuse that I bet no one ever believes- that I’ll marry a chef someday… living by a weak basis of marriage where he’d cook for me and feed me like a princess. But they would definitely buy it, if the guy left me the next day for no reason. Lol. Alright, so I eat like a horse, yet not a vegan… I EAT A HORSE or possibly anything. From a whole cake to crumbs, I’ll have them down like nothing else. I’m a small woman, blessed with a giant appetite in me. So marry me, please? ;)

All crap aside, I had a great time with Leah today. We talked like there’s no tomorrow! Which is true by the way. I won’t be seeing her much until God knows when. Too bad she had a spill of sambal or chili paste on her cloth when we had nasi lemak for breakfast, which funnily gave her a new T pattern on it- an absolute identification. Like, everyone, I’m a woman. Can you see my uterus? LMAO. So she wished we never met today. But I guess she prolly just realized that it didn’t take much to make my day anyway. XD

So alright, just as I thought these ideas were oozing out, they sounded lame the moment I had a second read. It’s 2.29 AM in the morning and these brownies taste sooo good.

I’m a butt of all the jokes,
God, make me wonderful!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Given everything contained within, it's fitting that Coldplay decided to saddle their new album with two seemingly disparate titles (it's called Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends, in case you weren't aware). Because if anything, it's the most bipolar thing they've ever done. Lol.

Then again, I forgot how much I loved them. They were the sound that I grew up with. No kidding. And I'm still upset about the rumours that have been going around- of them disbanding(?) Trust me, I'll cut every tongue of those who said such thing! All I know is that they'll only continue to rock on the music planet-

"We won't do another album until we think we've written the best songs in history, and that could take a while," Martin said. "So we could be waiting, 20 years or 50 years. Who knows? Our next record seems like a long way away."'

There you go!