Saturday, March 28, 2009

Need a cookie. or two.

...a good time out it was!



Friday, March 20, 2009

It's that moment of dawning comprehension I live for.

So I accidentally write and post a lot these days, therefore some people may assume I have every self-published word memorized or that I live these shared thoughts constantly. This is not the case. My brain doesn’t reference myself very well actually, and I’m sure I contradict myself every other day in one way or another. One day I feel like I have all the wisdom of the world and the next day my soul wears thin and I stutter just ordering ice cream. 

Then again, this is what I love doing; and that it keeps me going. There’s no rule saying that you can’t be happy with what keeps you so. Just rant. Talk about whatever that comes to mind. Don’t worry about “not making any sense in this or that” … because you will, eventually. Listen to music or anything that appreciates your feelings. Sing to it out loud. Write down things that “get you” or that don’t- see if they’re related. Amuse yourself with crazy ideas and funny drawings. Write whatever and call it poetry. Express your utmost thoughts and feelings, through words or pictures. Create and recreate. You know you’re most alive when you’re in tune with yourself. So expand and spread that awesomeness elsewhere :-) 

By the way, speaking of which, something awesome is going to happen soon. A one-hour night that may mean a lot to our Mother Earth. And this is something that you can take part so easily without needing so much energy. And I mean that literally :-) 

8:30PM local time, wherever you live on planet Earth. Saturday 28 March 2009. Just sit in the dark and share stories. Get your ‘on the night’ photos with family and friends. Lie around the beach and get a star tan. Keep in tune with Mother Nature. Whether you’re in solitude or multitude- thank your Lord. Whatever you do or however you spend that one hour, it will all be it worthwhile :-)

More of this? 

May the muse be with you.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Excuse me while I finish this slice.

I have become unstoppable the as of late. Good. This time, I’m back with some easy breezy, unseen/one-sided love kind of thing, in a pretty simple manner. Some lines are meant to be sappy… reflecting how infatuated a person can be. Well, this is not my first time writing this love/romance genre. I did write a few years back. You can see some here as you browse through the old previous posts. DO NOT feel free to have a look. The rest, which are more incomprehensible ones are in the private community. Yes, feel free to read them ;-)

Anyways, whatever written down here… it is not based on my experience. More like observation, so to speak. Kinda like being able to see the moment when a boy meets girl, a boy falls in love, and a boy breaks down… okay, okay, I made that one last up. But you get my gist. If anything, I’m the most inexperienced love expert. Contradicting? Writers are all that. Trust me ;-)

All feedbacks are welcome :-)

*Dear friends in love, this is for YOU*

All to Myself I Keep

If loving you
is ever so easy
I’ll tell you over and over

…but this, to myself I keep.
But this, to myself I keep.

I seek not your attention, my sweet
It’s your spirit- keeps me alive indeed
Like a smile can make any day turn bright
Oh, why loving you feels so right.

Your tone is lazy,
Your words, they’re
hanging, on a teaspoon-

to no tune;
on a moon.

like flowers
these feelings, wilt;
but it’s me
whom I find all weak.
If loving you
is enough for me;
I’ll watch you in silence

Somehow to you, I cannot speak,
It’s true what they say-
“I just can’t breathe”

…so all to myself, I keep.
So all to myself, I keep.

For all the twist and bliss;
For all the butterflies in my sky;
I thank you, Love, for this-
You’re my secret joy, one of a kind.

If only you could see me now
perhaps, I’d have opened this stupid mouth;
If only I’d ever said just anything-

…but all to myself, I keep.
Still, all to myself, I keep.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Writing should never be this hard.

Hati itu Bumi; kadang-kadang cantik, kadang-kadang merisaukan!
barangkali seperti Langit- kadang-kadang lapang, kadang-kadang menyesakkan. Kau mungkin keras, puas- tapi masih kosong, sepi. atau mungkin, cukup lurus -tapi telus, berisi budi. Hati itu Satu; bukan dua. Kau tiada; atau semua. Hati yang indah mungkin cinta- namun pada siapa? Hati yang terikat pada kiblat- itulah Nikmat yang paling padat! Hai hati, kau mati sebelum manusia dimamah Bumi- cantik tapi tua, asli tapi plastik…kan aku dah kata, kau ini seperti Bumi?

Karut tetap karut. But I have to begin somewhere to start writing poetry again. Yes, it’s been a while it seems. And yet, I came up with this. Haha. I was never good at Malay writing to be honest. I wish I was a lot better. Not that I never tried… it’s just that every time I do, they all sound too good to be true. Too flowery, I suppose. Haha. But despite all that, I just need to get the right feeling to express better. No pun intended :-)

I’m not messed up. But these random thoughts just popped up in my head. Macam-macam interpretasi bila tengok gelagat orang. Kadang-kadang rasa letih dengan pemikiran sendiri. Haha. Dah lama tak fikir banyak. Seronok pula rasanya, bila sekali sekala berlaku. Teringat zaman yang bingung… semua benda nampak macam asing. Hmm. A beautiful memoir, it was :-) Anyway, I’m sure we all have our own minds that we choose to live in, don’t you think?

So dear writers out there. You know who you are. Keep on writing. Write something random. Be random. Tell us what you think. Or what you do not think. Talk to someone you least expect to talk to about things. Share a secret. Go ahead and be in love. Live the moment as it should be lived :-)

A poet without hysterics is rare.


Saturday, March 7, 2009


Okay, now back to reality:


...they sure know how to make a highlight on my day. ha-ha.

i miss my coke. really.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Dear Mr Mraz,

You were so graceful, sir. The best thing since Coke. No, you're even better :-)

I’m not gonna say anything much about the concert. It was too awesome that I couldn’t think of anything properly. Haha. Heck, like how was I supposed to think (?) Perhaps, I was singing to every single song like no one else’s business. Most probably. I was almost sure that he looked at me singing some songs (like No Stopping Us and Sleeping to Dream) which sounded foreign to many but familiar enough to me. I think I got him at that nanosecond. Haha. Sure, call it whatever you like. I know what I saw. And yes, sir. I did my homework. It wasn’t just lip sync :-)

Here are some of the tunes that were played last night:-

Make it Mine
The Remedy
Beautiful Mess
You and I Both
I’m Yours
Live High
If It Kills Me
No Stopping Us
The Geek in the Pink
Sleeping to Dream
The Dynamo of Volition

And now, some souvenirs, with love ;-)

I was much (much) closer than this spot. Trust me. 

Mr. Mraz- Live stage performance.

... and we were really there!

The view of the night.

Singing Butterfly

Sleeping to Dream

...Toca the man(!)


Also, here goes my special gratitude to my concert buddies- Hariry, Aishah and Felly. You guys were awesome… Indeed. Terima kasih! :-)

We sing. We dance. We steal…*pics* ;D

Don’t let your mind stop you from having a good time- Jason Mraz

You just made my day and hours and minutes worth every second, sir :-)

...polaroids are frickin' hot.