Thursday, June 17, 2010

I think, therefore I am!

You know, if anything goes wrong with the world, I shouldn’t worry. I may not be fine but I’ll find my ways to be fine. Then feel alright about it. Isn’t it strange for us to say, “I’m lazy. I’m fat. I’m no good,” thereby creating our life experience to be one that is late, tired, and worthless. Leave it to our egos to keep us in that small game and hold us back. If you haven’t started yet, I invite you take on affirmations that brighten your day. Create a bigger life for yourself simple by saying things like, “I am tireless, perfect being. I have access to everything and I am complete.”

Check out Jessica’s Daily Affirmation. She’s got it all figured out :)


Dear Ma & Dad,
I am whole. I am stoked. I love this day. I love my studies. I love my sisters. I love my friends. I love my cookies. I love my cake. I love my state. I love my ability. I love my faith. I love my hair. I love my mole. I love that this is what my life looks like. I love you!