Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So I was somewhere [t]here.

The blogs have taken a back seat these past weeks. I've nothing to report. Life is ruling. Attentions are elsewhere. Heart is swollen with goodness. Having a ball.

Just thought I'd take 5 minutes to update this rather than keep my sweet grass sushis top story. I’d been on a vacation that not many knew two weeks ago. Though I knew I would be found out, eventually, but it was not meant to be kept as a secret, either. Anyway, it all happened so fast that the next thing I knew I was home again. So I don’t think there's a need for more information. In short, it was rather a quick break from everything else, which I enjoyed myself (and with the exception of a few friends). Upon returning home, I didn’t get that much needed rest as I had expected, either, (from what seemed like an adventurous but really fun kind of trip anyway). But my sleep is recovering really nicely somehow. I’ve been staying at the college now during this Chinese New Year’s break, when I should be home I know, but I really need the rest I had promised myself. I knew if I were to be home, I would have nothing of the sort- I would eventually be out or probably just anywhere but home and finally returned with restlessness. Although there seems like nothing much to do around here in college, I find myself more useful at the end of the day; by cleaning up the room, flipping a few pages of that colouful atlas of Parasitology, which actually happened by accident, and spending more time watching cartoons at night, while being wrapped up in a thermal blanket. Well, some nights were unusually cold though it didn’t rain for days. Well I might be just odd, but then again I was fulfilled.

Speaking of Cold, I wonder if there was ever ice developing on the toilet water, because the seat had gone a bit chilly the as of late. Or prolly it was just me. Heck.

Btw, here's some souvenir for you (sorry, I couldn't get much during the trip, really)

I'll definitely make a come back, I promise.

Have a good day all year round, sweet peeps ;-)



greyellow said...

zirah is going back home lagih
for JM?
ma abah tau nggak? XP

rajanurhazirah said...

ahaha. hey genius, here's HALF A CENT... you know what to do! lolz.

Hariry Ariffin said...


Jom melomo.

greyellow said...

half a cent?
dont want lahhh
*even zaman PRamlee pon 20cents!
hmm, okla i will tell you on that day you are actually balek, tp xbalek rumahhh!

anisdiyana said...

balek tp x balek rumah??mcm tahu je bile;p

rajanurhazirah said...

mza: ko nak g tak? ;D

anis: selamat pulang ke rumah! ;-)

ANAS!!! said...

balek, tp xbalek rumahhh...
tak baek! hehehe. frankly speaking tat is one of my plan.. i think i wanna do it skali (or maybe a few times) dalam 5 yrs we r in kuantan.. Now, tgh pkir wut is the purpose of me going back..

but.. just half a cent to ur anthr half?

greyellow said...

@zirah: tamau, m a busy as a bee, remember? XP

@anas: betul tuh anas! half a cent to ur anthr half?

Praxidice said...

This polariod moment is kewl!

Er, what was Kamz lookin at?

rajanurhazirah said...

mza: senyap. aish.

P: haha. nta! XD

Praxidice said...

Hey I tagged your bottom for something. Like a post ago. Over to it. NOW.

rajanurhazirah said...

L: well, now that it's OVER and DONE with...

i owe you almost nothing! ;D