Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy days to the me that am you!

Sounds like: Who Needs Shelter by Jason Mraz

I feel so old-fashioned. Lame, in a fashionable sort of way. Not bored. Just old-fashioned. I don’t know what gives nor do I care if it gives what it gives. I see no purpose in reasoning. Another time, it feels like I just want to go out in the sun and do whatever I like. No, not like a mad woman or anything. Nothing of the sort. It’s just that I need something interesting in life to happen but there’s none. Maybe next time I run into a neighbour, I should give him/her a high five and ask, how are you NOT doing? You know, just to see the reaction, otherwise. I know I might be excommunicated and all, but hey, I can live with that. Haha. I’m such a doofus.

Okay, so back to the blog, thanks everyone for your patience. I feel there’s a reason why I seldom blog these days. No, not excuses. Just one ultimate reason, god knows what. Maybe blogging has become more and more personal each time I try to write and post a few. Although I think it has been about that all along, but I don’t know. My life experiences told me that some things are better left unsaid, or written, in this sense…that those things are to be understood by me, only. I know it sounds selfish, and rather foolish for those who wonder why not? After all life is about sharing, and this is the purpose of blogging, I realize. But I can’t justify, really. As much as I love telling every bit of what’s going on and whatnot, I somehow feel the need to save some parts of the stories. The only thing that’s left for my own point of view. My property.

Well, I don’t ask to be understood because I don’t think I understand myself, either. Though it is a nice feeling to have someone understands just what you’re going on about. Yes, it is a nice feeling. No doubt. Until that happens, I think I’ll be more content than I am now. But I will place no hope in it. Even if there is a chance, who knows what I will do with it. Blow it? Push it away? Or not noticing it at all? I know I will be disappointed, either way. Gosh, I’m just it. Fickle, yet somewhat fixed.

Ahh, don’t you think this is more like “the other parts”, declassified?


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Untitled as of yet

Room 347
Mood swing: I'll Do Anything by Jason Mraz

Not that you care, but it’s been a week since my new semester began. My final semester here in CENFOS (renamed after the old MCIIUM). I mean finally, the graduating semester. Nothing extraordinary happened on my first day though, just new/old books and friends. Apart from that, my parents are now in Mecca, performing Hajj for a month and a half. It’s been 5 days since. 5 days. Wow, that’s almost a week eh. So maybe I thought another 40 days would be alright. Thoughts turned to prayer. I handed them a digital camera so that they would take some pictures of those beautiful skies. That would be very nice. I hinted dad to buy me Polaroid in return. I knew I should be aware of his real purpose, not mine, yet I took my chances… hoping it was alright. Personally, Polaroid is the best picture taking device one can possess to get the best ever real life pictures. They’re instant, fresh and so natural. You don’t have to have special skills to be taking good pictures with it; you just take it. To be able to take really “good” pictures as in non-shaking, high quality stuff is a different story, though. But the whole point of it is to be there yourself and just capture those beautiful scenes and people. And Polaroid is just a plus. Aww-some.

Speaking of which, I’ve been visiting this old crush of mine- Mraz’s page. Yes, that pathetic lovesick, psychedelic geek. Unfortunately I’m still in love with him to a point that seems… pointless. You see, who wouldn’t fall for a guy who “could be lugubrious” with you? Boy, he’s such a heartbreaker. Lol.

But here’s a question, courtesy of Mraz’s friend.
Would you rather:
…Be planted in the ground, rooted like a tree in front of a breathtaking natural landscape for the rest of your life… or,
…Travel the world forever under the conditions that you had to leave the city you were in by 2 o'clock the next day and couldn't return to that city for 3 years; able to see the world but always moving locations at 2pm everyday.