Friday, July 31, 2009

Life's like that.

I think I know now why I don’t become a journalist. I write anything I like at any given time. Though I can follow the rules on what to write and what not to write, somehow I find that restrictive and unappealing. I write at peace as much as at risk, yet I don’t feel obliged to do it. Well you could definitely see if something is forced. Like it is there but not felt. Good, but not good enough.

Then again, it’s funny sometimes when I look back and read what I wrote about positivity and all that energy. Like where did that come from? It was nice to know though that some of you liked the idea and followed through. I’m glad that you felt the same or even better. Good for you :)

Anyways, let me tell you or rather, clarify… what also came to mind when I thought about these things. For instance, when I told you to go ahead and be in love… I meant just that. But because it was only natural to feel so. And sometimes, at some point, part of me wanted to tell you to just go ahead and date someone totally wrong, (i.e. not right for you but maybe worth a try?) I got asked about this a lot. But I would never tell someone to do that because it might not feel right. And because it is something I’m not so sure about, something which I don’t really have an answer to.

Boy, it sure is hell inside my head. Lol.

But if you ask me that if I were to take that chances and things just worked out… I’d probably never have any idea why we ended up together. We might seem like two of the most unlikely people to wind up making sense. And maybe, just maybe, when the time comes and I shall look back at how my friends and I had changed, how our friendship would be different but not necessarily worse, I had a feeling we’d be alright. I guess relationships are just funny like that. It’s impossible to figure out why some work out and others don’t. Why someone can be so imperfect and still be perfect for you. Maybe in the end, it’s not about changing the person you care about. Maybe it’s about learning what you can live with. Or maybe it’s really about learning what you can’t live without.

Well okay, I’m no relationship expert nor do I have any experience whatsoever in it. But I do believe that God gives us the opportunity to learn and gain insights from the people we met and the things that happened in our lives. Each presence or existence has its own purpose, and so many reasons as to why things happened yet waiting to be discovered by you and everyone else. It will all come right in the wash…nothing is a complete waste.

So just remember- when in despair, love… let Him move through you :)

In joy yer day!

Friday, July 10, 2009

You rehearsed so good in my head that everything made perfect sense thank you.

"Something's different in my world today
Well they changed my traffic sign to a brighter yellow"


Thank you, Dear God. You're my top notch listener, a daymaker, a reason to live and love.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Arrr, matey!

Swashbuckler life be fun. I wish I had another moon t' live like 't. Aye.

Anyways, many thanks t' all o' ye, be 't shipmates or nay... whom be havin' made me life more enjoyable durin' this sweet voyage. Me hat goes off t' ye, ladies an' gentlemen, boys an' lasses. 't be a pleasure t' meet ye too.

Till we meet again folks,

Joan O' Hara.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

To Lord, we all belong.

The lightest love you’d shown
made me weak to leave,
“When I’m gone into that gentle dawn,
Please sweet, wait not for me”

Her heart was made of gold,
Whose love was bright and strong;
She murmured soft and blissful-
“ To Lord, we all belong”

Though they go mad they shall be sane,
Though they sank through the sea, they shall rise again,
Though lovers be lost love shall not-
And death shall have no dominion.

The lightest love you’d shown
made me weak to leave,
“Oh when I’m gone into that gentle dawn-
Please sweet, weep not for me.”

In loving memory of Raja Aini 29/06/09
A beloved daughter and aunt, greatly missed.

May Allah bless your dear soul. Amin.