Wednesday, March 7, 2007


God, I hate it when this happened. I mean, I don’t know what I was thinking then, let alone now. Hmm, well, it’s no big deal… I know it shouldn’t be. It’s just hard to think, or rather learn to accept the fact that my brain isn’t functioning that all too well now. I can’t panic either, simply because I can’t think* Darn.

It seems that my mind is at its quietest today. Usually, when I see things, I think. When I see sky; I’d smile and think. When I see something amazing- I’d observe and reflect. Okay, maybe not when I see someone attractive and all- I don’t think I really think. Haha. But hey, that’s the only exception. Otherwise, I’m just enjoying the rare beauty while it’s around. Sweet.

By the way, I’ve been listening to James Morrison. D’oh, that boy is a genius! Delightful blend of brilliant music and catchy lines- certainly would solidify and liquefy your soul at the same time. I can’t lie about his sultry voice… it seems that it’s been rehearsing in my head like a tape. I don’t know why, it is somewhat fixed in my brain, though- unspoiled. Ahh, I’m pretty sure you’re thinking I’m over Jason Mraz now. Well, no. That boy is simply exceptional. James Morrison and Jason Mraz and John Mayer. What do these boys have in common? Hmm..gosh, I think I have a thing for those with the same initial- JM! Bingo. Haha. Maybe I should have the same initial too- J… M…but what would it mean? What if MJ, as in Mary Jane? It is JM if spelled backwards. Hmm.

Hi, my name is Mary Jane. Just call me MJ*

Haha, ridiculous it seems- about changing my nick and all. But I like it anyway. Why not? MJ sounds like fun, just like the girl in those spidey movies. Otherwise, I’m just trying to figure out what am I doing and why do I do the way I do. So, maybe, typing these words out might help with the explaining. The reason why am I doing this- something so unimportant or equally mindless.

that’s because I can’t think, silly*

Sigh. I need a break. No, I already have one. Indeed, way too much that I can’t think now. Maybe I need some food. Uh, I’m not pretty sure how that helps me get my brain back. Why, I eat all the time(!) Gee, I need someone to stop me from eating so much (as I think I told you before). But hey, that’s not the case now, ay.

... you really need a life, sweet*

Sigh. What the hell you think I’ve been doing?? *chuckle*

Getting one [obviously],

MJ r_L

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HRH Fiza said...

all the JMs rock.
hey, good luck with finals okay babe.