Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So me is back for another atypically typical post. I’d like to apologize for whatever I wrote in the previous one, which might have caused some people emotional disturbances. LMAO. If anything, that was just me writing out loud (again!). Hee. And yes, I now know one obvious fact though- no one likes a whiner, especially one who’s living within her own fantastical dream. :)

Anyways, speaking of which- it’s strange sometimes how dreams get under your skin and give your heart a test for what’s real and what’s imaginary. Yesternite, I had a weird dream as if going to bed mad about God knows what. I prolly would have had it written if I knew what it was about, but I just couldn’t remember. Lol. So I spent a few long minutes this morning calming myself down and apologizing to my soul and her sisters for my dreamy outbursts. Along with this journal post of chasing down the absurd, a long shower and healthy meditation have brought me back to earth. Should I relapse after this I’ll just take myself spending. This page is great for that.

I peeked open the drapes and the most powerful of white lights burst into the room. It looks humid, but a beautiful day to have off.

Have a good day, all of yous.


Anonymous said... i the 1st?
haha yeah. nice pics tho. or did you took it from someone else? ngah3.

red_lice said...

loool. yeh, that was taken elsewhere. x sempat nak take pics la now ni. hehe. but it pretty much resembles the collection i had :D

red_lice said...

...btw, it's elsewhere. not from someone else* :P