Sunday, November 2, 2008

I am taken... so are YOU.

Sounds like: Valerie by James Morrison (originally by The Zutons)

*To grappymewlon, (pe name ni weh? haha) thanks for the tag!*

1. I’m a fickle-minded woman and a lifetime sufferer.

2. I take pleasure in sophistication through plainness. The outcomes aren’t always pretty but I’m enjoying the beauty.

3. I love reading/writing all sorts of poetry/ haikus/ conundrums/ prose etc. Yes, I’m a romanticist who’s indifferent in the society, thank you.

4. I’m terrible at guitars but it’s hard to keep my hands off em.

5. I've been writing since I was 9. A few editions of nothing unusual were documented. None ever published though.

6. I'm generally painless to those who know me. But people find it more common otherwise.

7. I love bananas. And I would know if one piece went missing. Call me berkira but no one steals my bananas unless my generosity kicks in! Haha. No hard feelings la :)

So that’s pretty much it. And by the way, referring to my previous post, the feedback I was getting wasn’t what I anticipated at all. Specifically about my singularity- that it was actually something to be discussed. I find it amusing somehow. But I wasn’t lying when I mentioned about my being single but taken in a sense. I meant every word.

Then again, aren’t we all taken in a sense?

So I am technically single for simplicity sake. But no single being is absolutely single as they rightfully claim to be. You are taken in a sense that you are loved by everyone (if not, by any caring person) and cherished by many wonderful friends. Sure, it seems like you are pretty attached to every single being in your life, yet not quite like it. You are free to run and live your own life like no one else’s business- all the while trying to fall in love and be rejected. I am taken in a sense that I belong to God; as do all dominions belong to Him :-)

Okay, so this is not just some usual sense. This is a special kind of sense. But I AM special, so are YOU.

I guess you shouldn’t have taken me literally. Or maybe I should have been less complex so to speak. Or maybe I’m just crazy by definition. Gosh, I’m such a pain in the a** after all.

But do you believe me now that we are ALL taken in every sense?

Yes, I am taken… so are you!

*kudos to Anis*

See you soon freaks,



anisdiyana said...

nice pic^^ haha

Anonymous said...

haha. cam ikan buntal*.

Anonymous said...

haha many people freaked out about your status ea. hot stuff makcik nih*

mohdrafie said...

no comment

mohdrafie said...


mimie_t said...

u should try to write limericks sometimes. And get it posted here. nak baca :)

L said...

Hot, gorgeous and breathtaking to say the least.

We can still be friends tho. ;PPP

Write yourself out, mate! *courtesy of Jay*

rajanurhazirah said...

AD: thank you ;-)

munir: ikan buntal? lolz.

mr: :)

rajanurhazirah said...

mimie_t: haha. yeh, limerick sounds like fun. well, let's see if i could use one next time :-)

L: roflmao. yep, sure mate. that goes without saying! ;-)

Hariry Ariffin said...

Number 4 tu agak menarik. :)

grappy mewlon said...


pisang ek?
aku pon ske..

wahahaah,pisang btol,bkn bear tau..

grappy mewlon said...

eh,im taken jgk tau..wahahahah...



rajanurhazirah said...

H: ahaha. menarik2. tp suda lame x main. chords sume terabur!

GM: lol. mane2 pun boleh :D

B | a | Y | B | i | e ♀ said...

woah! weird ^^ lol..