Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some words. Finally.

I suppose I haven’t written anything much as of late. If you think that life just gets busy or that I just can’t write anymore or perhaps I’m just being downright lazy…yep, you are right about all of them. I’m all it.

It could be that I’ve been subconsciously detaching myself away from the palpable madness for a while. No, not that I’ve become a man of God or something, (even that is not a bad idea), but frankly speaking, I’m just putting myself in a comfort solitude for the past few weeks. I wasn’t becoming a recluse either, in fact, I got myself involved in a few life's events and even took committment in some of them. And sure, it felt kinda nice. Still does.

Anyways, if you feel that life needs you to move on but what you need right now is a 3-minutes break, by all means, have it. Eat a banana. Listen to a song that suits your moodswing. Or just stare at the sky for one full minute and take a deep breath. Right now I’m just listening to the song below because I feel kinda mellow. And that I miss home. Yes, it sure gives me the best homesick feeling I ever get that I just wanna go home and be with everyone else :-/

Then again, if anything befalls you today- just take it easy... but still take it.

... and to Mom, if you're reading this- Happy Birthday and I very much love you :-)



Praxidice said...

Man how this post sounds like the star zodiac description for that day lol.

Be back. x)

rajanurhazirah said...

haha. now after having looked at it... man, it sure sounds like it! lolz. then again, if it helps make someone's day a bit better, it'll be good enough to know :D

Anonymous said...

just hang in there :-)