Saturday, July 4, 2009

Arrr, matey!

Swashbuckler life be fun. I wish I had another moon t' live like 't. Aye.

Anyways, many thanks t' all o' ye, be 't shipmates or nay... whom be havin' made me life more enjoyable durin' this sweet voyage. Me hat goes off t' ye, ladies an' gentlemen, boys an' lasses. 't be a pleasure t' meet ye too.

Till we meet again folks,

Joan O' Hara.


Anonymous said...

Ahoy, red!
Bet ye had fun eh? Haha. I see ye have a nice pirate name. So did you go to the Black Pearl and meet Jolly Roger ay? lol is that the final quest?


rajanurhazirah said...

ahoy, c.
you seem to know a lot of stuff. ye playin? lol. nways, im not too sure abt what the final quest is but it could be those yknow :) i have yet reached the level where i could fit in to fight em yet. and another thing, im only basic... so im kinda limited to most things i.e weaponry and skills etc.

nvm that, yeh, it was fun!! :D

Anonymous said...

cool. i might just start soon. so maybe if you see me around somewhere, or need your help with my quest, i'll go and find yeh, mate! :)

meanwhile, you look smashing in that. dont tell me the guys didn't notice :P


rajanurhazirah said...

haha. oh boy, you remind me of something now... nvm that. i coulda appear as a pirate dude but it woulda felt funny lol.

actually i have enough golds to buy a new suit for me but i cant buy unless im a member. why i keep on earning golds but hardly use em. how frustrating :-/

nvm me. you have fun!

greyellow said...

the quest has finally ended!

rajanurhazirah said...

mza a.k.a Megan Hookkidd,

i'm not done. it seems like i can't give it up just yet. but yeh, i am done for now, yes. will only be back before... yknow, some other time? hahaz.

yea right.