Tuesday, November 17, 2009

# Poetry


I may be the self
I’ll never be
I may be the self
You’ll never see
It seems like this side I’ve been living-
is a lie,
is a lie.

What are we
fool for love;
When what is said, a pure dust
When all we’ve done is lust, unjust
Yet to claim, we have loved enough?

What have I
again, forgotten
to doubt such
Compassion; the
unimaginable You?
To have lived
a life once loved
but to let go-
Damned, if I do.

Longing to heal
The wound unknown
Have I become a selfless being?
Yet to love, the self once torn
God is indeed, a gentle King.

What am I now
You’d see the self I’ve become;
You’d be the self
I’d never seen;
For this side I’ve been keeping from myself-
is alive,
is alive.



Anonymous said...

dear hazi,
your writing is quite vulnerable and honest in this one. it seems like the struggle has been too long now eh? i'm glad you could finally write about it. liked this one a lot, milady. tc :D


rajanurhazirah said...

dear c,
you are right in a sense that i've struggled long enough in what i may call a spiritual journey. this, has so far being the hardest to reveal in life, let alone to put in words. i'm sure you have seen far more worthy experiences than what you have read by now. alas, this is a mere celebration with whom i shall share the suffering or joie de vivre... ahh, a beginning to something else i hope! ;)

be well c.

Anonymous said...

:-) you are no doubt stepping up to the next level, love. i'm sure you'll touch the lives at the bottom and carry on to do your best. this is a nice self-examining, so well written a poem indeed.

best regards,

rajanurhazirah said...

why, i have written nothing but a piece of my mind, C. though im glad it reached you in a way i hope the rest would see the same. this is, at least a successful thing :-)

Anonymous said...

loike it gal. hehs

rajanurhazirah said...

thanks a'ishah :)