Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If you can’t stop smoking, cancer will.

So I came across some information about the lung cancer and many other kinds of diseases where the habit of smoking could really lead to them. And I can’t help but feel the need to write about it. Common sense tells me that when you know something, especially if it benefits other people, by all means spread the word. So today’s tip is simple. Stop Smoking. I know you’ve been told over and over by God knows how many people but that’s because it’s just not worth cutting your lifespan on cigarettes. Not to mention, the smoking trend ended in the 90’s. Give it up. If you don’t smoke, I challenge you to help someone you know quit.

Now according to Malaysian’s statistics, about 50 teenagers below the age of 18 start smoking daily. Studies show about 30% of adolescent boys (aged 12 to 18) smoke. Unfortunately though not surprisingly, smoking among female teens is rising, where in overall, nearly one in five teens smokes. Some studies have also shown that lung cancer is rising at a rate of 17% a year. Thank you very much Mr Dunhill, Kent and family.

So I’ve known a friend who’s been smoking for 10 years and he told me how much fear and insecurity is wrapped up in it. I also know how scary it is when you think about quitting. You might think life is gonna suck, that you’ll gain weight, or be depressed. But the fact is, if you keep smoking, you will always be out of shape and depression will be more common. To get a similar buzz, you may as well put your lips around an exhaust pipe.

To not smoke means you care about what goes into your body, thus strengthening your level of consciousness. The less toxins in your body means the less toxic thoughts you’re likely to have. Ignorance may be bliss, but it is also unattractive.

Some people say they smoke because of boredom. Some people smoke because it keeps them awake and gives them a recharge. Some people smoke to help them relax. A cigarette isn’t a miracle performance enhancer. No, it isn’t. It’s you who chooses boredom, to be awake or to relax. A sunset will still be beautiful without a cigarette to mark the occasion. A movie is still the same movie even if you don’t smoke after it. The drive to work is still the drive to work. Why add poison to the process? Spare me. I wouldn’t even date a smoker.

That’s enough of my spiel. If you want to quit, just do it. If you want some assistance, there are many great ways to do it. If you’re in an environment which doesn’t help you in the process, leave it or create anew. Be in a circle of friends who appreciate your effort. Or make one. Nothing works best than trying to solve the root of the problem and work from thereon. And if you still can’t figure out why, try to meditate your soul in your prayers. Look deeper. It’s a painless great method that doesn’t put any additional pressure on your transformation. Then have faith in new you. Belief, does a remarkable job of reversing the psychological addiction that smoking actually is. So please come of age and stop flipping ash and butts all over the road, into the drainpipes and out into the murky water we need for the sustainability of future generations. Everyone has a right to clean water and air. Your consideration and activism do make a difference in your life, and ours. Thus, us.

I wish all of yous, in the best of health ;-)

Be smart don't start!


Anonymous said...

hey hazi,

nice to see you write something on this. it's about time dont you think? though i must admit its bloody hard to quit. so apparently no dates for me eh? jk ;-)

i wish you all the best too love. all the way from here!


Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

john said...

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