Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Our World

*special thanks to Allan for the permission*
Our World
by Allan (admin Woodlander)


In our world,

We live in harmony with nature knowing we and she are one

We work together as one to meet the needs of all

We love the practical, the intellectual, the cultural and the spiritual

We endeavour at all times to take less than we give

We love our world and take care to protect her at all times and by law

We gain satisfaction from being actively involved in selfless endeavour

We care for and look after each other when help is needed

We ensure education is available to all

We ensure health care is available to all

We ensure a safe, secure home is available to all

We believe in being all you can be, not having all you can take

We work always to reduce the negative impact of humanity on our world

We feel a full and loving fellowship with all living beings

We uphold honesty, decency and justice at all levels

We share our world’s resources so all can have access to a full life

We take care not to encroach on the biosphere of other living things

We work together to ensure no child dies needlessly from any cause

We control our desires so that others may live

This could have been,

Our World

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