Thursday, November 23, 2006

BLOGGING CRAZE (..and why it never ends*)

Okay, so tell me how or why people can be so overwhelmed by a piece of junk appeared on a website really? I mean, how could they possibly get interested in whatever stuff written by prolly a hobo or a scumbag or just a bunch of losers? Ow gee, this is weak, ay. I mean, I’m just trying to figure out how these people, or bloggers or whatever they might call themselves, somehow manage to write and dedicate so much time for their blog…while I can’t. No, I can’t* that’s the point* Well, I’m not busy, nor do I seem to have a tight life-schedule. Maybe, maybe I’m just not into it anymore. I mean I hardly touch my journal book too, since…since… I don’t know (!) The excitement is just fading away. But, but now I am here, trying to write some stuff, whatever and get used to it again after sometime (though I don’t know why, I’ll still do it anyway). Mm, well, firstable, there aren’t many interesting events going on in my life right now (you see, it’s holidays again and I’m stuck at home as always). Secondly, even if I do have things going on right now, I may or may not write about them. Now, don’t ask me why not. Well, I don’t know exactly- it’s just that not all things you can simply write or describe in words. And even if you can, not all stories are worth telling about. But then again, I might be wrong. No one knows what its worth until it is told. Ahh, life’s good. I just want to be able to write again, otherwise. Just with sense, yes, just with sense. *Sighs*

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