Saturday, December 1, 2007

James Morrison – Live & Loud KL ‘07

The acoustic night was awesome.

Okay, so something wonderful did happen in the last two weeks. I was wrong. Hee.

Yes, I was there. Seeing this Jamie-who performing acoustic among the crowd. At first, I had a hard time believing that it was going to happen. Live. In person, as in flesh. But there he was, Mr Morrison, appeared in his pale pink shirt, with that fine stubble outlining his face... looking all rugged and sweet… saying those selamat petang and apa khabar, in that sultry voice of his. Well, he sounded so English, yet so damn lovely. Alright, I’m describing a Fabio right now. Haha. But he was. No kidding.

So, he’d been saying terima kasi(h), thanking us over and over each time he finished a song. I bet he’d been practicing real hard to keep that in mind and get it right. Aww, poor guy. He sure knew how to move us ladies. Lol. Everyone was singing along most of the time and laughed whenever he said something funny, or rather tried to be funny. Well yea, he wasn’t that funny-funny kind of guy, though. He seemed too cute for that. You know, more like sweet-funny. And that was just about enough to win ALL the ladies over. Haha. Funny.

Well anyways, there would be no concert without screaming ladies. To be honest, really, that boy… ahem, yes, this boy, could actually cause major breakups. Haha. Pretty smooth talker for a shy guy. No. Let me reword that. A natural flirt. Yes. LOL. I’d been calling out for him a few times yeh. Like,

“ Hey curly!”

“ Lovin’ your hair!”


Aih. This is weak. This is not what I paid to say.


There I said it, amidst noise and silence.

Boy, was I fulfilled.

I lost counts just how many times I said those “I love yous” afterwards. It all sort of happened… naturally. Maybe I was in love. Sigh. It can’t be helped when you have a celebrity crush, alright. I can’t be helped, really.

So there. It was a great experience altogether. We were enjoying every minute and loving it. The crowd was fun and alive. A nice feeling, really. To be among the music lovers; and having your favourite singer, who was only about 2 metres(!) away from you- singing to YOU and for YOU only. Picture that. Hmm. But in the end, we were all there for one thing- to share the moment and have a good time, like it was the only thing that mattered most in life. Indeed.

“I’m not a talker. I’m a singer. More of a doer”, he deadpanned.




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