Friday, April 18, 2008

It's for whatever sh** you live for!

*courtesy of Leah, an old friend, a new bugger!*

Okay, so here’s the real thing. I thought it’d be wise to start off the post for the month with a few lines of poetry. To show that I’d been working on something, yknow. Haha. I’m not sure if you guys ever saw that as an effort, though. Otherwise, I’ve been looking forward to writing something different for my poetry. A new way of saying. “Love kills”. Haha. Just kidding. I knew if I were to put that forward, my life would mock me! So anyways, THANK YOU for sticking around…

Well, speaking of which, I’ve just started my short semester before I finally graduate from college (then off to med school, hopefully). And I’ve been experiencing these awkward moments. Again. Not in a bad way though. Just awkward, as in trying to fit in with everything and everyone around you after a while. Well, being home alone during the holidays and not meeting enough people kinda explains all that. It almost feels like taking a caveman out for a walk around the city. But it’s not as shocking you see, it’s something I have quite expected in fact. Maybe I just don’t know how to react when these things actually happen. So, yeh, awkward is just the word!

By the way, despite all that craps, I really have to thank some people who’d been there, especially when I was at my lowest point. I’d have to say my parents were the best counselors. They knew me best (absolutely) And yes, special thanks to Leah, for making my life easier! Haha. I couldn’t have done it without you, love. I don’t care what you feel upon my making this public, but hey, I have to say it otherwise! (Now don’t tell me to stop saying thanks because it’s my page I have them written on, so the words are rightfully mine!) Hehe.

All kidding aside, let me just say a few things, since I can’t really explain what’s going on with my life right now… I still can’t find the right words(!) But you see, life is a funny thing. Not ha ha funny, but ironic funny… I’m not complaining. Just making an observation. And yes, adding to that, through my weirdest life’s experience recently, of course. But one thing you guys could relate to at the very least, is the fact that nothing is ever so definite, and that you never choose something… in a funny way it chooses you! But despite the outcome, one still needs to go on, and live life to its fullest. Make every second count…

“If I knew all the words, I would write myself out of here… if I was all the colours, I would paint you pretty in gold in a picture…” – Jason Mraz.

All in all, I’m just so grateful for the life I have now, and yes, for every single thing I had had experienced throughout my whole life! It all seemed like a beautiful letdown to me now. I met all kinds of strange and wonderful beings. And through these personal experiences and studies I became aware of the infinite possibilities I had in life; possibilities so powerful I was convinced I could do anything I dreamed. Then, spread the news of love with someone special.

Ahh, things aren’t quite as scary when you’ve got God as your best friend ;-)



ChickwithFangz said...

I write this just a few mins before I leave home to a place in god's land called New Zealand. Okay it's your page yes but guess what?? Im gunna break into what you call yours! nyehehe... Nothing worth the thanks mate. I'll see you in Medical School in Ireland ;)

Ps: dont't reply to this comment

izzahismail said...

hey zizi ;))
good luck with your philosophy things during short sem.haha.

i always feel that everytime i meet new people. the time is just too short for me to adjust with all new,just let the time'll get use to it someday ;))

take care z,

red_lice said...

leah: i'm not sure why you told me not to reply to ur comment when you know i defs would!!(again, why do i have to live by your rules??)... and i could care less now that you left me wondering... what all this has to do with med school in ireland? omg, don't tell me THAT(!) nways, we'll talk abt this later... you have a fun trip in NZ!


red_lice said...

izzah: yeh, i'm adjusting alright, thank you ;-) it's just funny that some people come and complain to me that life doesn't do em justice at the moment... like how am i supposed to respond to that?

you too be well!