Saturday, March 28, 2009

Need a cookie. or two.

...a good time out it was!




Anonymous said...

bismillah... *crunching2* em, nice,u shud've postd the recipe along :)

Praxidice said...

Grade my answer.

Time Out + Cookies = Famous Amous

(but they don't look very famous amous-y)


ANAS!!! said...


rajanurhazirah said...

anon: even it is a recipe of my own mind?

P: i'll give you B+ for your positivity! haha. nways, it's a home-made thing, so that's why they're NOT supposed to look alike lol.

anas: *throws you some* :P

anisdiyana said...

zira-chan...lets bake sum cuti nnt...kay?huhuhu

anisdiyana said...

right now i need a whole jar of so not in a good mud:'(

rajanurhazirah said...

gahaha. no wonder you're here now lolz :)

Anonymous said...

even better!ur mind had always been, creative,plus biskut je pun, takkan la dat unbearable to eat kot? haha

er anis, i'll bake u some, but, is 1 jar enuf? :)