Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Excuse me while I finish this slice.

I have become unstoppable the as of late. Good. This time, I’m back with some easy breezy, unseen/one-sided love kind of thing, in a pretty simple manner. Some lines are meant to be sappy… reflecting how infatuated a person can be. Well, this is not my first time writing this love/romance genre. I did write a few years back. You can see some here as you browse through the old previous posts. DO NOT feel free to have a look. The rest, which are more incomprehensible ones are in the private community. Yes, feel free to read them ;-)

Anyways, whatever written down here… it is not based on my experience. More like observation, so to speak. Kinda like being able to see the moment when a boy meets girl, a boy falls in love, and a boy breaks down… okay, okay, I made that one last up. But you get my gist. If anything, I’m the most inexperienced love expert. Contradicting? Writers are all that. Trust me ;-)

All feedbacks are welcome :-)

*Dear friends in love, this is for YOU*

All to Myself I Keep

If loving you
is ever so easy
I’ll tell you over and over

…but this, to myself I keep.
But this, to myself I keep.

I seek not your attention, my sweet
It’s your spirit- keeps me alive indeed
Like a smile can make any day turn bright
Oh, why loving you feels so right.

Your tone is lazy,
Your words, they’re
hanging, on a teaspoon-

to no tune;
on a moon.

like flowers
these feelings, wilt;
but it’s me
whom I find all weak.
If loving you
is enough for me;
I’ll watch you in silence

Somehow to you, I cannot speak,
It’s true what they say-
“I just can’t breathe”

…so all to myself, I keep.
So all to myself, I keep.

For all the twist and bliss;
For all the butterflies in my sky;
I thank you, Love, for this-
You’re my secret joy, one of a kind.

If only you could see me now
perhaps, I’d have opened this stupid mouth;
If only I’d ever said just anything-

…but all to myself, I keep.
Still, all to myself, I keep.



Anonymous said...

You naughty, lil thing! But I get that feeling, I do. Argggh, the stupid mouth! ;P

Playful and sad, but a nice write, haz. Quite lovely.

Please come back to the Woods soon :)


rajanurhazirah said...

hey c,

haha. i know, i know. but it's good to know that you get what i mean. thought i've lost it all. hmm. a relief, truly :-)

meanwhile, im back to the palace... glad as ever. hehe ;D

thanks very much c. so i'll cya around some time.

Anonymous said...

You’re my secret joy, one of a kind.
But this, to myself I'll keep


anisdiyana said...

ok i so love this one;p hahaha

rajanurhazirah said...

anon: :0)

anis: somehow, i hear a lot of bells somewhere... nyehehe ;P