Friday, April 23, 2010

Still working on this...but i've gotta celebrate progress.

Okay, so I’ll be sitting for the end of block exam next week. The final one before my first professional exam which will be in the next 3 weeks time. Yea, you may call it a season. Or show time :)

I suppose that means I’m nearing the end of my year 2 soon. And I’ll be finishing my 3rd year around the same time next year. Imagine that, how time flies. I bet everyone is struggling for the coming exams and all... (well you should be if you’re not, there’s still time, yes). But more importantly, I’ve gotta say at times like this, it’s easy for anything to happen. Or to make something happen. Be it good or bad. Whether it is beyond your control or not- anything is possible. Like catching a cold, or being super lazy or just pro at procrastinating...while others might act just the opposite :) But when one of those things happen to you, do not just overlook them and let go. You buckle up and reflect. And you do not break down easy.

I know being a medical student isn’t an easy life, but who says it’s easier giving it up either? And I’ve been told over and over to keep myself aware of the fact that my life would be different than the rest, who may be having plenty of time running all sorts of plans, and just keeping up with things. They may be right, and I am aware of that but it’s hard to imagine how my life is like then unless I go through it someday. So I may or may not feel alright about it. But I’ll take my chances. Life’s journey has the tendency to break a man, to fool one into losing his sanity, as distance and time create separation from what others might call normal life. With my family and friends always around the corner laughing, sharing inspirational ideas and quotes, asking me conscious-minded questions, I am kept present to the power I have as a human being living a life fulfilled. So for all this while, I thank all of yous, who have made my life worthwhile. Especially, to those I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my journey with, literally or metaphorically speaking, thank you for not creating me as someone who could give up, burn out, or drown in the process. Thank you for inspiring a long ride that’s been nothing short of amazing. I am sourced by your generous, love-filled thoughts. I am stronger today from your friendship :-)

So it’s not always easy to stay positive and just bring forth that right attitude, but I hope when I’m it, I can make a difference. By sharing my hopes, dreams and ambitions, I’m more likely to walk whatever I talk. And if I inspire one person in the process, perhaps that person will continue the conversation, even starting a blog of their own to back their word, and so on. And feeling like there’s others buzzing out there in the world, I sleep better knowing our species is indeed awake. Otherwise, I apologize in advance for writing so excitedly. i. just. cant. be. helped.

Whatever you do and whoever you are, whether you’re a medical student turning doctor turning specialist... or simply a joyologist who brings smile to people’s faces, you do not give up on what you’re doing. And if you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.

I wish you all the best. May the muse be with you :)

Keep it light.



Anonymous said...

goodluck for 1st pro. it's not so difficult yet not so easy.

Anonymous said...

hey hazi,
its nice to see you writing about the stuff you do since i havent heard from you much lately. sorry ive been busy at work myself but things are going really great. did i tell you i moved out from my apartment for my new job? and i got promoted last month! haha id love to catch up with you so let me know when you're done with your exams and all. i wish you all the best and keep that lovely self in tune with positivity. your future is so bright and knowing YOU, you'll do great things ;-)

hugs from ny,

rajanurhazirah said...

thanks very much. yea i hope so :)

yea its been a while man. sounds like you had a lot goin on overthere. good for you! :D anyways, thanks for your generous words c, though i dont feel too good now but hey, feelings come and go. your words do cheer me up as always. thanks mate! so ill see you around sometime. keep rockin' :D