Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Sunday wellspent brings a week of content.

I love Sundays.
I especially like them when I wake up early.
And then in bed again after an hour-
... that’s because it’s anything-can-happen-Sunday. :)

Last night, I stayed up as late as one can possibly make a Saturday. As I hit the sheets I declared strength for a successful awakening. One shot of the alarm at 6:27am and I was up and at 'em again. This gave me time to wake my friends up, to catch what felt like a sunrise, and to recreate the world as new again.

So why Sundays?

Well, Sundays are good to rejuvenate your thoughts, to take the time to acknowledge yourself. It’s fun to get in touch with equal parts Mind, Body and Soul. By waking up one hour earlier you can date yourself even before your day begins. For example, you could spend 20 minutes calming the mind in prayers, 20 minutes stretching or running or twisting or jumping, and 20 minutes reading or writing – funneling your thoughts into soulful action. Then reward yourself by doing something you think you deserve. Like making breakfast for everyone. Or catching up with old friends. Or just sleep for the next one hour. Because it’s anything-can-happen-Sunday :)

Being mindful of your own thoughts and actions, whether your being generous or gossipy, will dictate your state of grace, your ability to swiftly experience joy and abundance in your life or not.

Now, Listen Well. Live Surprised. And Stay Fresh.



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