Tuesday, December 19, 2006

..d'oh it's raining(!)

6: 02 am ( KC 306)
Le 19 Decembre, 2006

It rained this morning. No, not that heavily. Just light rain. Smile. Well, I always thought that rain was a sign of melancholy and how it used to reflect the gloomy side of me. Hah, indeed. But not necessarily this time, especially this very moment. I loved the sound of pitter-patter and the cool breeze that brushed against my cheeks as I drew my face closer to the window. It took me a while to notice the rain that was coming down though, since the creaking sound of the rusty ol' fan filled the whole room. Somehow, I was glad that I was able to distinguish those two sounds and savour my two-minutes-of-sanctity. Despite the obscure feelings that I’ve been having these days, (and which I always have anyway*) I’m just so glad that I’m ALIVE, today. It’s a little too early to predict how my day will go though. Still, I will try make the best of today and see how’s tomorrow. And, for that reason alone, I can definitely survive today. Yes, I will.

In confidence psyche,


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