Friday, May 2, 2008

Brownies rule!

Brownies rule!

Yep. You heard me right. These little creatures are amazing. Just baked them a few hours ago. And they’re extremely melt-in-the-mouth wonderful and marvelous. The making wasn’t so difficult either; I managed to have it done within an hour. With a few personal touch and fun-tastic prune flavour, this is indeed a record I must say! ;-)

Sigh. Not sure if I could keep them till tomorrow, though… let alone Sunday. (Oh hey, twinnie, I’ll leave you a square… with extra crumbs on it. No worries.) Haha.

All in all, I am just glad I have achieved something today (yeh, I was bored to tears throughout the week!) So what a relief, finally. Hmm, to those who’d like to try some of these, my word: give it a shot. It's really worth trying! Haha. Alright, I didn’t create the recipe myself… so, here’s the biggest secret: Jamie is my brownie saviour!!!

Also, you can get the recipe here:




FiSHY@iKe said...

I want one! I want one! I still didn't get my 'z' cookies yet! Not fair! Tak suke! Tak suke! Tak suke!

red_lice said...

LOL. i can't promise you though, cos this one's finishing really fast!

anyways, if i am to bake them again in future, i'll have you in my top list ;-)

izzahismail said...

oh,suddenly i'm craving for american brownies.

weird but everybody seems to bake today.just so you know, the sisters and i made cuppacakes and choc fudge cakes.hee ;))

p/s: i want the brownies too. xp

FiSHY@iKe said...

Nak jugak! Nak jugak! Nak jugak!

HRH Fiza said...

see, anda telah membuatkan saya lapar.

cant believe you baked that.

red_lice said...

haha. sigh. imma make more soon. a better version. with more nuts perhaps. or marshmallows(?) hmmmm

thanks for sharing your thoughts, guys!!!!

awatif 'adilah atan said...

i want the one with! nak satu.. half pon xpe..ahahahaha..

L said...

Prune flavour? Im not sure I want one. I see it's an oliver twist too hehe. Any twist of his not yours should be good.

PS: I'm back to haunt your days and nights!

PPS: Yup i love you too... ngehe

Anas!!! said...

Tgh lapar nie!