Friday, May 2, 2008

"Do you LIKE her??"

This is the first strip that mentions Susie Derkins. She's pretty much the girl that Calvin has a crush on but makes fun of as to remove any question of the fact. This strip also shows how much of a smart-ass Hobbes is, which kicks ass.

Ahh, I, too, always have troubles when it comes to identifying things. Or feelings. Or just both. Ha-ha.

denying denial,


FiSHY@iKe said...

"always have troubles when it comes to identifying things. Or feelings ", cant agree more with the statement, it really explains itself, and yes, i do like her, and you 2, :P

anyway, do you happen to know that whether we can publish our research paper here in our blog? akmal wiseup have rose a conflict in me by saying that we may be in trouble if we publish them as he said that the research paper of ours are already the properties of iium, :(

red_lice said...

oh. not sure about that. hmm, it's funny isn't it when we can't even re-publish our very own work, don't you think?

i just don't know how these "rules" work, somehow. i don't see it coming.