Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.

Firstable, allow me to thank you for your generous effort for making the Earth Hour possible. I applaud every single one of you :-) 

Meanwhile, something totally unrelated…

Sometimes there are people that you care about just can’t talk to you for some reason. That talking to you makes ‘em sad somehow. Sounds familiar? Make me get it. 

There are things in life that can’t be classified all that easily. Bonds that happen and break unknowingly; reasons that don’t make sense and sometimes, we dream for unattainable things that have no names. Sounds familiar? Happens to me too. 

I thought my life would seem more interesting with a musical score and a laugh track. Otherwise, I’m just taking a short break from this whole revision thing. Hmm.

Homework, I command thee: BE DONE!




Anonymous said...

When you feel sad, don't.
When you feel down, don't.

But when you feel hungry, please go and treat yourself a delicious food of your favourite.

Lots of story to share but I guess I keep it for later. Have a nice day ahead and keep on going because you ain't get anywhere if you stop now (unless you are on a conveyor belt or escalator).

Till then,

rajanurhazirah said...

about that food department, don't worry. it's all been taken care of. all too well i suppose ;D

nway thanks. im doin fine otherwise.

anisdiyana said...

i x paham...hahaha my english sucks i suppose..hahahha;p

rajanurhazirah said...

mate, if you're comprehending this, you're a freak. enough said ;D

Anonymous said...

so wht's dis unattainable thing u've always dream of?

wel, gud luck with ur work tho :)

rajanurhazirah said...

well if i knew what it was, i woulda come up with a name, eh? then again, maybe it was nothing that looked like something. hmmmm.