Saturday, April 18, 2009

If ever I felt cool in this life, it was then.

So it all started at the ice rink. I had a good time with a few friends. Yep, my first time ever. But it wasn’t bad at all. Ice skating was fun. And that was enough to make me inline skate again. After 9 years without it, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna start anew. Like a total amateur. And ready to get bruised all over again. Oh yeh, bring it on…

Then today, I started simple. Just going around the neighbourhood. And the kids were watching me skate as if it was some kind of new religion. No, not because I flew up in the air or did those hella good moves or what (you wish it happened that way lol) it’s just the mere sight of rollerblades somewhat gave them the thrills already. Oh, I recognised the feelings all too well, I suppose. Kinda reminds me of my sisters and our childhood friends, who were also our skate buddies- Hani, Helmi, Hakim… when we started the thing, which became a phenomenon since. And you guys were awesome! I wonder if they still remember those twists and jumps. Oh how we loved the risks- of steeps and bumps. Haha. Sensational. As always :) 

Ah, looking at ‘em bruises now, I think I remember where I got those holes on my pants from. Thanks to my several attempts-which-I-knew-would-fail-somehow-but-nevermind. So I fell just everywhere and made some turns. It wasn’t a rock star experience, that’s for sure. But maybe after some practice, who knows if I’ll ever be as good as I once was. Hopefully. Well anyways, I’d definitely give it a shot.

Tomorrow, I’m gonna start with some basic moves and smooth my turns. Just to see whether I still got it. Haha. Otherwise, it’s one of those moments where you can be a total idiota and just have a good time. I know I will :)

…but first, I need to get a pair of shin guards or something. Why, I only have two knees.

Keep rollin’



Hariry Ariffin said...

Pinjam angah nye eh? :)

rajanurhazirah said...

yup2. she bought them after a loooong while. haha. best kot. lame gle da x main weh. mine punya obviously da x muat, so had to be given away :(

...getting a new one def!

Anonymous said...

hey haz,
didnt know that you could skate. why not go for ice hockey or something? you can be in my team :)

good to have you back!


Praxidice said...

Get ones before July if you can!

Can you?

rajanurhazirah said...

haha funny you should say that! well, sure, WHY NOT? ;D

as much as i'd love to, but there r a few other things to get on the list s well... nways, i'll see abt that :)

greyellow said...


rajanurhazirah said...

hehe. weh, tunggu ko cuti kte pegi k? :B

c said...

btw, haz. when are you availabe? there's something i need to talk to you about. let me know soon, thanks :)

anisdiyana said...

hahaha a new addiction??;p tencen je i jdi choo choo train xlae wat pusing2 tu

rajanurhazirah said...

if anything, i should be saying that. ah well, i am now :)

yeh. well, old habits die hard ;D weh, cya soon! :B

anisdiyana said...

zira chan ur page ade prob la i think

izzahismail said...

now, how i wish that i can still fit with my roller blade *sigh*
lol :P

rajanurhazirah said...


haha. if you're getting a new pair, my word is that you get em now. just how big can our feet get really? ;D