Friday, July 28, 2006

Of classmates and new things

So, it's been over a month since classes began. Well, actually, I'm having only chemistry and physics lessons for the core courses this semester. How heavenly that is, ay? Right right. But not really. Hurm, truth be told, I've gotta say I was somewhat nervous to be in that class. Especially now having made friends with them and recently been forming a discussion group; Nana, Hanista, Eny, Fahex then some good guys..Muiz, Alep, Anas & Farouq. Hmm, pretty good a company I have there, eh? :)) Of course, I have fun. Despite the fact our DG ( discussion group) occurs 24/7, things are so far so good. (Though it's killing me every now and then, I'm getting used to it alright). Haha, just kidding. So all in all..this is my life. It's inevitable, and I've gotta get going. No matter how hard things are, life should never be this hard. Ever.

"On NO soul does Allah place a burden, GREATER it can bear" - (2:286) true :))

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