Monday, July 10, 2006

A Week in IIUM ( pt II )

(Part II) Of Roommates and Maybes

Owh well, as for me, I am now home for the weekend (and hopefully I still will for the next one onwards). Only that I got home sick this time. *sniff*sniff* Haha, nvm. At least the fact that I’m home should be good enough, ay? Well, too bad my roomies (yes, there are 3 of them) are not going home. One of them, named Aisyah (taking Laws) and from Kedah, is obviously not going anywhere because by the time she makes it to Alor Setar, (where her family stays in Kedah) she has to rush back here in Petaling Jaya (provided that the short weekend won’t be very satisfactory for a good holiday). But I guess she’ll survive, knowing that she has a few good relatives here. While the other two, named Tasha (also taking Laws) and Intan (taking Bioscience) are both from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. Truth is, they are indeed neighbours! Much to my surprise, I just learned the fact about Intan and I...we are indeed birthday mates, ( March 10, that is). Haha. I tell you what, these 3 people are just awesome. Each of them has different personality I have yet discovered but they're still nice in their own ways. It might be too soon to say that perhaps, I should give it a week or two (or even months) and see the difference. Well, maybe, so to speak. But I’m not judging, it’s just a genuine fact. It’s like you know, when you know. Simple as that. Furthermore, whether I like the difference or not, does it really matter? Maybe, they might not sound as good as they do now or that we might have silly misunderstandings in future. But it’s just a maybe; a mere admonition. Right now, I'm just happy and there's nothing else to say ;-)

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