Monday, July 10, 2006

A Week in IIUM (pt III)

(Part III) Of Life, Things..and More Maybes

Well, well, I’m not only referring to my social life, but also to my overall life here. It’s not like I should depend on the “future maybes” to live well in the present. Things change and so do people. Some changes are risky and some are probably less harmful. I might feel great today and maybe a lot hopeless tomorrow. But in the end, I believe it will all happen naturally. I believe we all make mistakes; only to make them right the next time. No matter how true the saying goes that it is all to up to us to make change, indeed, but there’s no denying that Allah has His own ways to work things out. He knew better and a lot more. For better and for worse. So tell me dear friend, how baaddd can things really go?

[ Otherwise, I'm just telling myself that everything will be fine]

Of light and love,


1 comment:

lackluster said...

Things can go as bad as you never tot it wud be.
Happens to me. Heh.
Well, life's sux lately.
It never 've been good.