Friday, December 29, 2006

BLOGGING CRAZE (..and why it never ends*) part II

...aahh, I think I begin to understand why and how people can be so serious about blogging- it’s not the attention that we are trying to get from the viewers, really (though for some, yes). Personally, I feel that it’s the feeling of contentment or self satisfaction for the things we write about that matters the most. I guess it doesn’t matter what kind of stuff we write about, whether or not it makes sense at all, because I believe, the fact that we are able to write out whatever we have in mind and finally have it written with whatever expressions (ridiculous, unpredictable, name it, anything).. is simply amazing! Don’t you think?

D’oh, why, I think it took me long enough to figure this one out- how blogging can bring about the best of you (and of course, the worst). It’s really funny sometimes when I read some of my previous posts from time to time. Some were plain silly (well, I think most of them, haha) but also, I’m surprised to know that there were some of which I find very amusing- some pretty good things that I thought I wasn’t able to write, ever. But I did, anyway. (Not arrogance, just a fact) Well, there were a few words that could bring me back to my old thoughts and let me laugh over the bittersweets. Wonderful isn’t it?

Not only that, I’ve been to some of my friends’ pages, just looking around. Frankly speaking, they do have pretty good stuff to offer. I loved every bit of it- from writing to music, just any stuff, really. Well, it finally occurs to me that, though we all might live in different side of the world, we do have something in common-we talk and listen to each other, we write things and share the differences, we laugh and taste the feelings, we love to dream (so much) and fret about our daily’s . Well, as trite as it sounds, it’s not so usual, either. To me, to be able to read and feel the words expressed by others are one of the most wonderful things in life. It is as if I were shifting from one shoe to another- from flip flops to high heels and dirty boots, and sometimes, I am left onto the ground with nothing. Barefooted.

But oh, it still feels great!

To all bloggers and viewers- kudos for your wonderful effort and support. I personally am grateful for all the amazing posts that you wrote and all the great things you do. It has always been a pleasant journey to walk into your life! So keep on writing...