Sunday, December 31, 2006

Of words coming back*

...welcome back. I mean, I’m back to my not-so-mindless self now. So smack me if I burble*

Anyways, it’s almost year end… uh, it is today. Whatever. I wish this year could have ended differently. Well, it did in some ways, but not so good, “globally” speaking. Sigh. I was surprised but not impressed with what I heard on the news about Saddam Hussein- the fact that he was sentenced to death penalty (to be hanged, that is) because of the “crimes” he did. Well, I wasn’t so sure about what he did back then, but whatever the reason was, it was not really a good way to end whatever “pains” he could have possibly caused to his citizens or maybe to all people nationwide.
...but then, it couldn't have ended any other way. Sigh.

Well, there were numerous responses afterwards- some were relieved, some just called it fair, and some thought it was very inhumane, while the rest was undecided. Generally speaking, there could be various reasons to all speculations, from politics to humanity- but I, I have no absolute reason to justify, as a matter of fact. I only have questions in mind. Tons of them.

Last night my sisters and I talked about this and we were wondering, “ So, this is it?” , “ Does this mean no more U.S troops coming over to Iraq “to promote peace”? No more bloodshed?” , “ Will they ever leave Iraq alone?” which we silently retorted, “ No! This is only a beginning”. It was as simple as that. The death of the president of Iraq doesn’t stop all this. Nor will it make any difference if it were the death of other so-called “terrorists”. There’ll only be more and more violence each day. And we know that. Yes, you and I, and all the unbelievers do believe that for a fact.

...which is so sad and very depressing. ((sigh))

I remembered posting one poem , regarding politics, to this old community of mine. The title was– My Politik. In it, I mentioned, or rather questioned the kind of politics we have in the society and why it’s still going "strong"... I’ll have them posted here, later* (so remind me)

I was amazed to read the feedbacks from my fellow poets and was ever glad to see that they actually understood what I meant. It occurred to me that despite all the differences, we do share a common ground. Never did I feel so pleased to express my innermost thoughts than I did at that moment. It was amazing to just listen and talk as if we could put everything and every piece back in its place. And it felt so right.

Ahh, otherwise, this is just a minor sign that there are more good people than bad ones. A teeny-weeny sign. But it’s a good one ;)


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