Sunday, January 28, 2007

nothing much

There are a few things that always happen to me every now and then. I find it amusing sometimes now that they’ve become part of my routine. Y’know…the unavoidable kinds of things.
I’ll leave you to ponder some random stuff I have noticed:

1) It usually takes me at least 2 minutes to find my other pair of black sandal whenever I go out. Why, people seem to be kicking it whenever they pass my room. Darn.

2) I’ve been turning off the tap while brushing my teeth for the last few months only for two reasons- to conserve the water and… okay, stupid I am but I was hoping Jason would appreciate it (why, he’s sucha mother nature). But hey, it’s a good thing- I echo his desire for nature. No pun intended. Smile.

3) My favourite carrel room (place where I do self-study in the library) has always been 306. Why? It’s more spacious and cozy. Plus, it’s my room number- much easier to remember.

4) I always have “names” wherever I go. No, no bad names that I don’t know of- just names as a way of teasing. From Zizi to Ira...God, it never seems enough. *chuckle*

5) Usually, I’ll take a few hundred shots of the sky. Almost everyday. They may look monotonous for every single shot, but believe me- not really. The sky’s too big to fit in the frame. I can’t help but take a few more. It’s just… overwhelming.

6) I love to put on my pajamas after shower. Day or night… like it or not- you’ll see me in it.

7) I wish I’d known Arabic by heart- so that I don’t have to worry about my grammar so much or wonder what it means so badly.

8) ..and oh, I wish I spoke better French. It’s getting weak and old, ay.

9) I’m such a speed freak. I love watching all sorts of auto racing… A1, F1, you name it. I’m in.

10) I love Jason Mraz and there’s no way I could ever hate him.

Asa (my roommate) thinks the opposite- I’ll hate him when I’ve come to that “highest level of liking”. I doubt it. Okay, so maybe that can happen. I will like him so much that there’s no point of having a boyfriend to ever measure Jason up. I’ll probably stay single for the rest of my life, dreaming over this Jason-who, ( since it’s impossible for him to know if I ever exist! ) And for that possible reason, I will hate him in future.

… but then again, maybe I won’t. It’s just unthinkable. Period.

Life's good,


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FiSHY@iKe said...

huhuhu. i think im involved, (the 4th point) of course, >:-)

tagged u back ZIZI!! ;)