Monday, January 8, 2007


I woke up soonago- feeling tired and excited at the same time. Then I realized it is Monday, the day when everyone else is having their “Monday Mania” while I just happen to be unaffected. Smile. My class starts at 10, which means I still have 2 hours away of sleeping. Only that I won’t. My mind appears to be full of beans right now to feel sleepy again. No kidding. The bed looks good and all tempting, but I’ve gotta get up somehow. I’ve been sleeping for so long over the weekend as much as I’ve been staying up late, thanks to mid-exam (which in turn has caused my brains a major breakdown afterwards). Grin.

Well, the sun has yet turned up this morning. At least, it’s not looking all too brightly. The pine trees look plain stiff, though, as if sleeping to dream. Hmm. There weren’t many white clouds, either. Usually, they will slow-dance around the sky, intermingling with the bright sunlight that is gradually showing up every morning. Perhaps, it’s not yet noon. Indeed. Somehow, the clouds make great combos with the trees and the birds, etc- almost seeming picture perfect. Ahh, I just love mornings.

I smile upon recalling what Jason wrote about waking up in the sun and how he savours every moment of aloneness:-

I woke up skipping today, talking to myself and happy to see that all of my houseguests are still sleeping. I will make them pancakes.

I love being alone in the kitchen in the early morning. All I can hear is the dragging of my feet on the tile and the echo of cups, pans, and the backwards kiss of the refrigerator door when I pull it open, tearing at it's suction and painting a light across the floor.The first light of the earth appears just outside of my back door at the edge of the yard. I'm there for it often to see it arrive after a long night out. I..m lucky to live so close to the sun. It..s a good neighbor.

Sunrise and Sunset are the best hours of light for your body and mind because it is light you can actually ingest by looking at it, into it and it into you, absorbing its remarkable resources thru your pupils. Other times of day the light will just burn your eyeballs out. That's Awesome.

It occurs to me that sunlight seems to be just as important as food. You sense the light with your eyes while your sensory information does the analysis. It comes right into your eyes and through your pupil and your skin begins to feel the heat all the same. All this is known. What is not known is, why, after about a minute, this unseen movement of light brings about the smile on my face. Ahh. It’s just amazing that you should be feeling all this at once. Owh, wait, it is a blessing. Wink.

keeps shining,


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