Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Of evenings

Sitting here alone reminds me of old times. Of spending my evening at different places in the past. Usually around this hour, I would be sipping a cup of tea, taking a few shots in the rain and after, or just looking out of the window- you know, daydreaming about a lot of things. I like the sound of the raindrops, which are now beating against the window, fracturing the space into a surreal pointillistic painting. Heck, I feel like Van Gogh at the moment. Smile. Other times, in such unfamiliar situation, I do feel like I know these people, who just happen to pass me by. But of course, I don’t know them at all. Haha. Bet they are all looking at me crazy ay. Hmm, then, there comes the scenes and scents. Of movement and sound… the wood scent. I can still remember lingering on the wet dirt, which smells like perfume after rain. Refreshing and pristine. Sigh. Not anymore, I guess.

Ahh, forgetting and remembering become easy these days. So wonderfully easy. You know, as easy as being frustrated and feeling okay about it. it’s awfully strange, isn’t it?
Otherwise, I just realize how everything is connected to everything else. And that everything else ultimately brings me to God- Allah, the Almighty.

…I think I’m gonna have another cuppa. Life’s too sweet to sip just once.

Be well,

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