Monday, April 23, 2007

Sweet Childhood

I like kids. Yes, they can be pretty handful sometimes. But I love them anyway. I remember being a kid myself. I remember all the feelings and the moments. I always have a good laugh upon recalling the childhood with my family and friends. Those moments are meaninglessly funny and important to me all the same.

So when I look at the kids these days, I could somewhat see the differences and the similarities. But most of them are pretty much the same. Just a different breed year by year, a much cleverer one. And of course, luckier. The demands are higher and much more expensive. But that’s what the kids all do. We used to demand “the impossibles” and whine until we get what we wanted. What differs is the things that they have now and the things that we had back then. As much as we envy the comfort that they are living in now, but in truth, we were kids once. We felt and did the same thing.

Though I’m particular about teaching some lessons on morality, I don’t like seeing all the pain and disappointment that some pass on to some innocent little kid who didn’t ask for it and who doesn’t deserve it. Being a kid myself once, I remember all those feelings; the disappointment we felt when promises were broken and the sad feeling when we failed at something. Those bitter moments now seem like a beautiful letdown to me. The only time I began to understand every other feelings, which is a wonderful thing.

What I also realized is that as my year goes, nothing is extraordinary to a child. Maybe when you are a kid, life is still full of wonder that there can be no real surprises. Or perhaps, children just adapt faster than adults. Thanks to current technologies and modern pressure, these newborn babies are ready to develop a smarter lifestyle than we think. I can’t imagine what the world looks like to them, the future babies. Could they be living on their own by the age 7 or 8? Haha.

One thing for sure, though. When I was a kid, I thought that my parents had some secret knowledge about how to keep me in line and bring me up alright. I thought that there was some kind of a great master plan to make me eat vegetables and go to my room when I was told. But I was wrong. I knew now as I watched some parents. I began to slowly understand that they were doing what every parent in the world does. Just winging it.

When it’s your own flesh and blood, you don’t have to think about doing the right thing. You just do it.

Still a kid,



charlest said...

spoken like a true parent huh?lovely :-)


Anonymous said...

perhaps age-old phrase "have fun!!" no longer valid these days huh?