Thursday, April 12, 2007


I’ve gotta say writing is hard work.

Call me Miss Full-of-Excuses, but I’m not trying to make any right now. Better said, I’m running out of one. Smile.

So, about this whole thing called writing or blogging or whatever names you called for such thing that involves words through whatever means for this kind of journalism- it is hard work. Especially when you’re trying to write about something you really want to say. It is hard work.

But then again, even when you think you’ve written it down, it still doesn’t sound quite like it. Sometimes, not at all. It seems like you don’t know what exactly you want to write about, or rather think. No matter how hard your brain tries to recall that very moment- it just slips away. All of sudden. Like quick breeze; quietly carrying away whatever it is that is in your head and… Forever.

Well, sometimes if you’re lucky enough, those peculiar thoughts might swim around your head again, playing this “catch-me-if-you-can” sort of a game. I’m not sure if you have had encountered such thing, but I obviously do. It happens every now and then. I doubt if there’s any significant meaning in it, which I could care less to find out about myself, but it’s very frustrating when you really have something wonderful that comes through your mind and it goes away too soon before you realize you’re going to lose it!

Sigh. Could I have gone senile?

Say, when you think you’ve finally got it written, and you’re pretty sure it is it, you doubt whether you actually want it written out and be celebrated. By everyone. Or just by yourself. As much as you want the whole world to know such important thing, called “It”, you just don’t feel like telling anyone at some point. Such uncertainty.

So having said that, I think writing, that goes along with heart and mind, is really hard work. Enough said.

(…there, there, another beautiful excuse otherwise! )




min said...

i miss writing..seriously. thot of starting over - am i still eligible tho? heh

Anonymous said...

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