Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Of rain, happiness and bad feeling

Well, it's been raining here since this afternoon. But thankgoodness, it's getting light in the evening. (Otherwise, I won't be here by now). Hmm. I guess it's not really a good thing to talk about "bad weather" for a start, eh? Then again, I have to say I've had a good feeling since this morning, so technically I didn't really have a bad day, alright. Never mind, I should be grateful for this one day, knowing that some days are better than others :D And that not everyone, especially people around me who are all feeling okay, now. Why, I'd love to cheer them up but more often than not, our happiness could make others sick. (You know what I'm saying, aite?) Well, this is what I tell myself at times like this; mum's the word. Just keep your happy feeling to yourself and lend your ears. Sweet words could help a bit. Not too much (just trying to be realistic here). If you get offended when all you wanted to do is HELP, don't get even. Keep your cool and give them some space. Well, you don't want to have a good day turned bad now, do you?, now...looking out of the window, my happiness is fading away slowly lol. Well, I can't help but wondering, why it's still raining, (though not heavily)..could the Earth be so sad? :-(

Life is a series of commas, not periods.



lackluster said...

hmm..well, tell me about it.
i juz had a rough day and night.
and to see sumbody juz to laugh sumthin off is kinda a pain in d ass.
does tommorow needs to come?
will it end then?
wat the hell...
i feel crappy now.

kutu_merah said...

why, i can relate to that, dear sis. I don't know exactly how ur feeling but i do understand how that happens. Well, just don't worry too much, aye. Bad things come and go. And unfortunately, so are good things...*sigh*