Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Of Thoughts Having Flown

...*sighs* okay, so maybe sighing isn't really a good way for a start. But I have to somehow do it. For my sanity's sake. Anyways, I’m quite ambivalent right now; having both bad and good feelings about myself. Or maybe, my future to be precise. I don’t want to go through times wondering about my choices again, or how I deal with them . I'm sick of it, ay. The fact that my being indecisive so many times really wear me out. I’ve had enough with my mind battling for what is wrong or right, or living with the weak opinion every now and then. I know I have to somehow put an end to it. Otherwise, I’m not going anywhere. Maybe, all this while, I’ve been avoiding the truth anyway. Or maybe I was too afraid to deal with it, predicting the fact could be really ugly or worse. Or just maybe, I’ve been making out excuses myself. That, alone is painfully true. Ay, when will I really learn the truth? Just what could I really make of myself, indeed? Why, this could go on and on...

“Time flows regardless;
the world’s unchanged while she lies

..yup, I am she. So help me God.

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