Friday, June 23, 2006

Social Misfits

Well, speaking of school the other day made me think of the society, the life and the bittersweets. I’m pretty sure that everyone had had their special moments no matter how much we hated school. So what kept us going? Friends, ay. There were many kinds of group friends back in my school. From popular to barely visible..there’s almost no chance of being alone. (Trust me, I’d seen many actually shifting from one to another, haha) Well, to me, I personally feel that popular people may vary but usually you’ll either be the public’s eye because of something you do, like sports and leadership and any specialties or that you simply want to stand out from the crowd in just any ways. (owh, I remember what these people are called: capub, as in cari publisiti if I’m not mistaken).On the other hand, the “invisibles” are not left out. No offence, but they actually made a good crowd back then. Only that I didn’t bother to know what kind of things they were up to because I had too many of my own. I loved glamorous tasks (why not?), but I could also live backstage. I had a circle of terrific friends of all kinds (yes, all) and I lived with them just fine. Owh, well what about me? Which group did I belong to? Let’s just say I had put myself in a crowd called “the average”, no more no less. ;-)

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