Thursday, June 22, 2006

I've just browsed my favourite haven, It's a place where I could read and share great poems or thoughts with people around the world. Beautiful people with brilliant minds. Huhu, well I've been thinking of creating my own page one day, where everyone (especially my poet friends) could gather around sometime. Well, not that I can't have one now, it's just that I have lotsa other things to be done at the moment. You know, first things first. But maybe, I will still have that done one day..( God willing) Y'know when I have all time in the world and be around terrific people in my life. Who knows? But well, it's almost seeming impossible with what I've just chosen as a career of my life right now. Hmm. (Yea, that's gonna take me years, yes years) Haha, now now, let's put an end to it. Well, I'm just saying that that site is amazing.

So please, take your time as you wander about the place. Though you may not really enjoy poetry, just look around. Who knows, you may find something useful eh? And if you're interested, just become a member and write away!


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